Foreign Student
Flight Services

Your Arrival in San Marcos:

Texas State Aviation will meet students arriving by commercial air travel in San Antonio or Austin. Students will be taken to their hotel or apartment from the airport. We will take you to Texas State Aviation to tour the facilities, aircraft and airport. You will then receive information about policy and procedure.


You have the choice of staying at a hotel or an apartment arranged through Texas State Aviation in San Marcos for $400 to $800 a month.


An average monthly expense for food is between $150 and $200 per person. Restaurants around San Marcos typically cost about $5 to $25 a meal (a tip of 15% is standard).

Training & Prices:

To give you an accurate price estimate, you should contact Texas State Aviation. There are many factors influencing the length of time it will take to complete your training, such as weather, frequency of lessons and study habits, your understanding of English. The average length of time to take all training courses is 6 months. Click on the “price list” page for current prices of instruction and aircraft rental. Prices are based on all funds pre-paid.


All pre-paid funds will be deposited in a secure account. The last week of each month, funds will be transferred from it to pay Texas State Aviation for training received. A admission fee is due with application. The fee will be applied to reserve ground school upon arrival. Funds have to be deposited into account before arrival.
Please contact us for account routing information.

Written Test:

Before taking a written test at an FAA Authorized facility, we will give you progress tests to determine your level of achievement.


Your checkride will be conducted by a FAA Designated Examiner and will consist of two parts: the oral and practical test.

DGAC Professional Pilot Hourly estimate with an FAA Private Pilot Certificate?

Training Hours
Private Pilot 40 Hours
Cross-Country 50 Hours
Instrument Dual 40 Hours
Commercial/Multi-Engine Dual 30 Hours
Upset/Aerobatics/Tailwheel 10 Hours
Student Solo Practice 80 Hours

Pre & Post-Flight instruction included

  • IFR GPS Training (Garmin 430’s)
  • 3 Ground School courses, including books and materials
  • FAA Private Pilot Written and Practical
  • Unlimited use of computer center and training videos
  • All training includes Cockpit Resource Management

Prices & aircraft availability subject to change without notice

Texas State Aviation is associated with Texas State University and Austin Community College

Information About The VISA

 Customs Policies:

  • A valid passport with your student visa
  • Your I-20 Immigration Form
  • No vaccinations are mandatory
  • It is prohibited to carry any plants, including fruit or vegetables

Basic Steps for Visa:

Contact us by E-mail or telephone so we’ll know to be expecting to hear from DHS.
Go to the US DHS Website, create an account, and fill in the appropriate forms:
U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security Transportation Security Agency – Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP)

Once they’ve made the initial approval, we’ll send you the Enrollment Forms.
Once you’ve returned the Enrollment Forms we’ll contact you through E-mail to set up a phone interview.

After the telephone interview we will send you a Confirmation of Enrollment.  Go back to U.S. DHS website:
U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security Transportation Security Agency – Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP)

Using the information from the Enrollment Forms and the Confirmation finish filling out the AFSP Application.

Now, wait patiently for the information to be processed and transferred to us.
Once we receive the confirmed application from the AFSP, we’ll contact you to start the next step.

That next step is to have your bank or financial institution send a letter on their official stationery showing that you have the funding available to cover your training, board, lodging and local transportation. for the duration of your intended stay.

Wait patiently yet again for us to receive and verify the bank or financial institution letter.
We’ll contact you once that’s done so you can then start the next step, which is to wire to Texas State Aviation a registration and admission fee.

Apply more patience. Once that’s processed, and final approval from the Transportation Security Administration is received, we’ll send you an I-20 Form

Once you get that, you’ll need to fill out an I-901 Form online . Follow the instructions carefully. As of this writing, the I-901 form had a fee associated of $100. Make certain to print out the receipt from the computer. They will also mail you an official receipt.

With all that done, it’s time to visit a U.S. Embassy or Consular Office. You’ll need to take along

  • The Form I-20
  • Your Passport
  • Financial Statements
  • Receipt of Payment of Form I-901

The Embassy or Consul will advise on any issues, and is responsible for issuing the M-1 Visa.

Links to Official U.S. Govt. student immigration information:

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