Obtaining a Pilot’s License

How do I get started with lessons?

All you need to do is call to schedule your first flight. We will work with your schedule. You will need to fill out an information sheet and bring a photo i.d., proof of citizenship or legal immigrant status and some form of payment. That is all!

How long will it take me to get my private pilot's license?
The FAA requires a private pilot candidate to have a minimum of 40 hours. How long it takes you to get there is up to your schedule allowance for training. You can fly as many times a week as your schedule and pocket book allows. We will accommodate the frequency of your training flights with appointments you make with us.
What do I have to do to earn my private pilot certificate?
The FAA requires 40 hours of flight training. It is split into 20 hours of dual(instruction) and 10 hours of solo training; the other 10 hours can be fulfilled with either dual or solo flying. The 20 hours of instruction include: 3 hours of cross country training. 3 hours of instrument training. 3 hours of night flying to include:one night cross country over 100 miles total and 10 takeoff and landings. 3 hours of training within 60 days of your FAA practical. The 10 hours of solo flying include: 5 hours of cross country flying to include:one cross country over 150 miles with 3 landings at different fields. 3 full stop landings at a towered airport.
What requirements are there for an instrument rating?
For Part 61: in addition to a Private Pilot Certificate & 50 hours of cross country time as PIC, the FAA requires: 40 hours of instrument training: and 15 hours must be instruction from an Instrument Instructor One cross country of 250 NM along airways must include three different approaches at different airports
I have a JAA/UK/EASA Pilot's License how do I obtain the FAA PPL?
You’ll need to contact the FAA Flight Standards District Office for the area you’ll be in. That would be the San Antonio FSDO around here. There’s also a nice walk-through of the process at ProfPilot.co.uk here.

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