Price List


Model Cost Per Hour
Diamond DA20-C1 King KLN-35A GPS $121.00
Diamond DA40 Aspen glass/Garmin 750 $145.00
Cessna 172P IFR Garmin GNC 300XL GPS $140.00
Cessna 172R-180 IFR Garmin 430 GPS $144.00
Bellanca Citabria 7GCAA (160hp) $144.00
Micco SP-26A / Dual only $250.00
ATD Flight Simulator $40.00


Name Cost Per Hour
Single Engine $60.00
Multi-Engine $75.00
Privately Owned Aircraft $60.00
Multi-Engine / Turbine $100.00
Ground Instruction $45.00

Pilot Services

Type Cost Per Day
Single Engine/Non Complex (non-pressurized) $500.00
Single Engine/Complex/High Performance $500.00
Barb $500.00
Barb Please Call
Barb $100/hour

Discounts Available!

  • 5% Off of Aircraft Rental Price for Active Military and Reserve, TSU and ACC Students.
  • 5% Off of Aircraft Rental Price (not additive to the above) for purchase of 10 Hours of aircraft block time

Cash/Check Discount: 3%

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